So Russ (daddy) came in from his governor's meeting (chair of governors at his eldest son's school) the other day and announced we w...

Day out to the dragon boat races

So Russ (daddy) came in from his governor's meeting (chair of governors at his eldest son's school) the other day and announced we were going to the embankment to watch the head and several members of the faculty race in a dragon boat.
So the night before we were due to go Russ explained to Theo he was going on a big adventure with Mr dinosaur (cuddly toy from Peppa pig) and we would have to walk from our house to town along the river and see all the boats. So bright and early Russ woke us up and the first thing i heard was were going on an aaaavventuree muma ( refuses to call me just mum). So after breakfast we set off along the river to town. To be fair we thought he'd give up half way and have to go on the buggy board ,but no my little trooper walked for 30-45 mins and didn't complain once! We arrived at the river and immediately headed over to the pink ladies and John Travolta ( the head and faculty had dressed for the occasion). We said our hellos and waited for my step son Dominic.
When he finally arrived we headed over to see the races. On the way Russ decided to try the grabbing machines and won a teddy which was argued over by Theo and Emi.

We all stood watching the races and cheer on the school. Even Dominic (step son) was cheering which isn't like him as he's quite reserved. Theo was all too excited watching the dragons racing.

When it had finished we stood around chatting for a while when i did my usual pushchair spotting and boy was i taken back by the gorgeous Cosatto giggle in sunny. The lovely lady even let me take a picture.

Next on my pushchair spotting expedition was the marvelous Bugaboo Donkey in Mono in red and black canvas. Which of course the lady also lets me take a picture of to share with you lovely people.

After all the fun and pushchair spotting we decided it was time for lunch and home.
Soooo a lovely trip to McDonalds it was. Theo of course was just sooo excited to get another Minion for his collection from the film Despicable Me 2.

After when all full and ready for home we decided not to chance the walk home and waited for the bus. Russ of course admiring the church behind (loves architecture) the bus stop and Theo and Dominic playing quietly with the Minions whilst Emi who won the teddy bear fight munched on it.

All in all a great family day out with lots of tired children once we got back :)

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