First came Theo... 30 hours of labour, every form of pain relief, 2 stitches and a healthy 6lb 12oz baby boy later at 7.39pm 22nd Feb 201...

First there was Theo

First came Theo...
30 hours of labour, every form of pain relief, 2 stitches and a healthy 6lb 12oz baby boy later at 7.39pm 22nd Feb 2010....
I was 19 nearly 20 when I had Theo. Lots of pain, 2 rounds of midwives and it was all worth it. Next day sat in the ward and it felt as though birth had never happened and I had a baby boy out of nowhere.

 I had a dead phone so had no way of reaching everyone and sat rather lonely waiting for Russ to wake up and come and see us. I was scared to pick him up he looked so delicate laying there and hadn't made a peep in the night. I thought wow this is going to be a doddle. Ha 1 meconium nappy down and I thought hmm maybe earlier predicaments had been a bit presumptuous.

So sat there still rather bored after a nappy change, no phone and still no russ when the curtain starts twitching and I think thank goodness he's here...  But no it was my midwife!  Russ had been so overjoyed the night before after crying (even though vowing he wouldn't)  that he'd text his entire phone book including our midwife Bev Wong. She came in screeching at how happy she had been hearing the news and had to come straight away! To be fair I was so glad to see a welcome friendly face after feeling so alone that night, I could have cried with joy, but seeing as though she probably would have thought I wasn't coping so well gave her a humongous smile and thanked her before she tottered off rather too soon :(
After feeling rather frustrated that the man who'd stayed awake for 30 hours straight for our little boy, wasn't here yet I thought I'd use the hospital's phone and wake him. Wasn't best pleased as he thought we were ringing to say we could go, but as it turned it wasn't until 3 hours after he arrived that we were finally able to leave.
Theo was a great baby as he developed babbling and cooing, trying to crawl at 3 months and finding baby TV rather too interesting. He development started slowing down however and we wondered if he'd ever crawl properly, it wasn't until after his 18 month mark that he started crawling forward. Then wasn't until 21 months that he finally walked. After that we requested to see the development center as his bandy legs worried us. After 3 months we were seen and they said although he walked funny it was because he was a late starter and hadn't found his legs properly yet. Phew were we relieved. Although we found out later he had glue ear which slowed his development due to lack of balance because of his hearing.
Now tho he's a bouncing 3 and half year old and although his speech isn't quite right were going through speech development to correct it. He started preschool in April and we're very proud of the way he's taken so well to it. Nothing but shining reports so far :)

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