This is a review of a mum who uses this everyday and even bought second hand. The reason for this review is the only other ones i have seen ...

Mii wheels

This is a review of a mum who uses this everyday and even bought second hand. The reason for this review is the only other ones i have seen only state bad things and how unsafe the product is.
For the record would like to state that this product was bought second hand from a lady who also used it every day for 9 months. I have had this product now for 5 months so already outs the predictions of the previous 'opinions' of other 'reviews' that I've seen where the person had actually not bought the product but instead wrote it on hearsay.
Without further ado id like to reveal the Mii wheels travel system in all its bad and GOOD bits.

Mii wheels also known for being a copy of the Bugaboo Cameleon.

                                         Please note as bought second hand i won't be noting the price.
So as we can all see it looks like a Bugaboo Cameleon, question is i suppose does it act like a Bugaboo Cameleon. Well having both a first and second generation Cameleon i was a bit hasty after seeing all these 'hearsay' based reviews, so i took it step by step especially buying second hand. Starting with the frame it was as sturdy as the Cameleon i gave it a good weight shifting test and no bending metal like previous reviews. Next i looked over the wheels, everything except the tread pattern on the wheels are the exact same. Next came the seat unit and fabrics, the frame is an exact copy no markings out of place good and sturdy. The fabrics all looked the same from the front except on the back it has pockets for mummies items. The handlebar has the same foam over metal and the same strap for safety in between handlebars, the only difference is the writing says do not jog with your Mii wheels and not Bugaboo as it normally would. The rods that hold the hood up are the exact same size and the hood although isn't the same design is very big to cover baby. The downsides are: the fabric for hood and basket are rather flimsy and don't carry as much support as the Bugaboo items. Other than that i couldn't fault it, as later on i will be doing the review for the Bugaboo Cameleon where there will be no faults one of a very few of my many hundred that  I've owned that has no faults.
So after a good test drive all felt as it should. 5 months later and my pushchair is going strong. All customisable just as the Bugaboo Cameleon is.

Overall i would give this a 9 out of 10 the 1 point missing is due to the give on the pushchair handle as in all Bugaboo Cameleons. I liked the ease of push and the marvelous canvas basket.

Here is how it now looks with full Bugaboo fabrics as didn't like the design of the hood and seat fabric.

 With thanks to Anthony Lee @ South Coast Designs for the decals with my daughters name, Pavla knits for the gorgeous blanket and Jessica Louise @ Sugalumps for the amazing hood.

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