This is my gorgeous  Stokke Xplory v3 in purple  it was bought second hand this weekend!. I spent £400 on it which came with a footmuff ...

So on to another marvelous pushchair... Stokke xplory v3 EVO


This is my gorgeous Stokke Xplory v3 in purple it was bought second hand this weekend!. I spent £400 on it which came with a footmuff (brand new), cup holder, shopping bag and the matching expensive Stokke izi sleep car seat by be safe

My first thoughts were LOVE the colour!!! The steering was easy and the wheels large enough not to get stuck up and down curbs. The footrest is adjustable although with there being bag clips under where it would sit at full incline, it does get in the way of the bag. The handle is amazing though, it goes up and down and the length can go all the way down to where the footrest sits so is easy to park in small places. To go with the magic handle is the magic seat, the seat can go all the way down to the bag for smaller parents and all the way up to just short of the handle so is also brilliant for high chair use (if you can bare to get it dirty). The seat is very roomy and my 3 and a half year old could still sit in it (not that he needs to of course). It comes with a newborn wedge that even allows newborns to be comfortable in it, which as my daughter is rather small at 9 months, still needs it. It has a well made 5 point harness with strap pad covers. It has the ability to have a cup holder attached, which was bought with the system but is only available separately and not part of the package normally. It is rather annoying at times and whilst going over bumpy surfaces or up curbs tends to spill your drink.
The hood extends out as you can see in the above picture, so it has a sun visor to stop babies being blinded by our very surprising weather we've had lately. Although the visor has a little flaw and isn't quite big enough when reclined so she is still rather fussed by the brightness. There is a hole just above the bumper bar that can accommodate an adaptor and parasol if you wish to buy one (which i think we'll have to). The brakes (little orange thing in the picture by wheel) is one easy straight forward maneuver of push down push up that holds really well.
All fabrics are removable either elastic, popper or Velcro for an easy clean. The Stokke has a unique design where if you attempt to fold it with the seat on it half folds and can be a 2 wheel system for climbing stairs or even a day at the beach!

The only flaw seems to be the shopping bag (no basket) to the rear/front of the pushchair doesn't accommodate for much and considering there over £1,000 new Stokke could of thought of a better design for storage. 
Overall it is a great pushchair and id give it a 8 out of 10. It isn't for everyone due to the design being rather golf caddy like and the lack of storage. But is great quality and it's good for its nifty design and ability to be short or tall for many uses.

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  1. Hello I am seriously considering purchasing this stroller but would like the option of attaching my own diaper bag with clips instead of the stokke one. I see in the picture here it looks like you have attached your own purple leather looking bag. How have you done this?

    1. hi there! there are clip space under the seat so as long as you had push clip attached to your own bag then attach them to the under seat it would work fine! hope this helps be sure to ask anything else you need.


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