The final countdown! A hell of a lot of pain, too many consultants, one angry mum, 1 induction 3 drs to break my waters and 9 mins short ...

Then came Emi (Emilia)

The final countdown!
A hell of a lot of pain, too many consultants, one angry mum, 1 induction 3 drs to break my waters and 9 mins short of 12 hours later and my first and only little girl appeared...

I was 22 when I had Emi. We tried for a year and a half with no joy. Then we gave up and after one last think thought this is now or never and FINALLY after nearly 2 years of trying we fell pregnant.  I found out at 4 weeks so the pregnancy draaaggged on. We had our due date from the Dr's which was the 31st of October. I was referred to the consultant as they class 12st to be the overweight category for pregnancy :o so at least I had regular care and if forbid anything went wrong I was well cared for. 12 weeks went by, had our first scan and then my SPD kicked in and boy was it painful second time round.

 I complained to my midwife and then to the consultant who told me I complain too much, as if ;)  then our 20 week scan came round which up until now (well and until some time after infarct) thought and assured myself I am not lucky enough to get one of each. So we took my step son along (as his older brother had been to the first one)  and I lay down to await the verdict. She said everything was fine so i asked the nerve racking question... Girl or boy. I almost put my hands over my ears with not wanting to know...  And she said.... Well I have no reason to see it could be a boy at all!!!!  I could have cried!!!  Me one of each!!! 
So went home and bought stupid amounts of pink although still sure she would in fact be a he later down the line. I started spotting so was called in and had numerous scans but nothing. Still having SPD started to complain also had cramping in legs that they thought it was DVT which luckily wasn't. Phew. But the consultant knew I wasn't happy and told me that if it continued I'd be induced. So I waited and after a cock up with scans telling me my placenta was in front of the way out and it's actually not being and more pain I finally at 37 weeks got my wish of induction. By this stage I'd had no less than 5 scans at which I'd asked the same... It's a girl still yes?  Of which they all said yes. 
16th of October at 7.30 I woke and rung the hospital to see all was ok to come in and we had the go ahead. So all armed with bags packed 5 weeks before (phone charger included this time)  toddled down to the labour ward. 12pm 3 drs later my water was finally broken of which they told me that I was already 2-3cm on my own!  Contractions persisted and Russ was too and fro in from the canteen even though I was nil by mouth just in case. I was then put on the drip and we waited on which it dawned on me.... My niece's birthday is tomorrow!! So the race was on she had to be out so they didn't have to share a birthday. But I wasn't dilating and was now firmly keeping my legs crossed as was told off for pushing with Theo. I had the epidural after pain worsened but that wasn't working and an hour before she arrived had to be redone. So basically was all done on gas and air. Time crept up and at 11pm the horrible old midwife lady took over,  she pulled apart my legs and said we'll have to check... She had finished and replied no wonder you're in that pain your baby's facing her head sideways and your 10cm dilated you've been holding so tightly we couldn't tell. Ha-ha oh dear. So I pushed with all my might, even though the old battle ax was screaming I wasn't doing it right, and 9 minutes to midnight a pooping Emilia arrived just in the nick of time before my niece's birthday !!!

 Weighing 6lb 2oz and lactose intolerant, we've had a battle but a bouncing now 16lb and 9 months old she's full of joy and of course after finally realizing she was a girl she has draws full to the brim of pink. Theo adores her and is always calling her cute.
Couldn't of wished for better babies.

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