So my DD decided to break her bouncer/swing not even a week after buying her a new pushchair. So we went on the lookout for something that c...

Itsssss herreee!! 4moms Mamaroo

So my DD decided to break her bouncer/swing not even a week after buying her a new pushchair. So we went on the lookout for something that can accommodate her for a while yet. After looking for some time we decided to go with the 4moms MamaRoo RRP £199. We've waited around 3 days for delivery... And it's finally here!!! Came around 11.00am this morning and i'm full of excitement nevermind that it's not for me. But... i had to wait as hubby wanted to put it together and he wasn't home :( So the box sat waiting unpacked in my hallway.

Sooo off me and my DD and DS go to the park to waste time before daddy gets back. Park all done and off to do a little shop and daddy texts to say it was all put together and was awesome!! So of course hurrying with shopping, a heavy pushchair and a 3 and a half year old clinging to the pushchair we arrive home.

This is how the item arrived pre unpacking. All compact not looking very hard to put together at all (should of attempted to myself). Walk in the living room and all i could think was should have chose the silver!

Rather smaller that it looks in the pictures i thought oh god she's going to be too big and it will be a big waste of money. But she does fit in it and rather liked sitting there.

So on to the product review...

For the money i would say it could be better. Seat fabric is ok material but rather cheap looking. There are 5 settings which all seem the same to me and are not really fast enough to soothe a baby above newborn. There also (in my opinion) could be a setting for either a timer or a sensor to turn off when the baby has been asleep for 5 mins as is a waste of electricity. Also there could be a 5 point harness for added safety rather than the 3 point harness. There phrase states it does the movements of 'mom' rather than swing or bouncing like alternative bouncer/swings but its not very 'mom' like and rather straight and not so smooth.
On to the good parts. It has ease of use with there being an adaptor and is electric and not battery run, so no annoying last run on the batteries. The toys above the head have black and white sensory for newborns to focus on and they turn around for when babies get bigger to show coloured balls. The steel finish look and ease of seat adjustment is great! Also the added function of adding a music device to play alternative music instead of the sounds it currently plays. The current music consists of water,rain,waves and forest noises all which seem to entertain her. 

Overall i'd give it a 7 out of 10 consider price to what it does isn't that great.

                                 The main thing is she loves it and has fallen asleep rather well.

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