We've Joined the cloth nappy revolution. Little Missy here showing off her clot...

Cloth nappies!! The journey begins!!


                                             We've Joined the cloth nappy revolution.

Little Missy here showing off her cloth nappy.

So we decided to branch out. Disposables are getting more expensive and she was getting an awful rash from them :( so after a friend whose little girl has the same problems as Emilia went on to cloth nappies and said how easy it was we decided to try our luck. We went down the pre loved route as I definitely couldn't afford the costly tag to buy new even to if i had the money knowing now how much they do save you i would consider buying new. We have a great variety even though we've only been cloth for 2 weeks now. We use close parent pop ins in owl print, Kushies, Ava pockets, Little lambs wraps and nappies and Bambooty night nappies in pastel. So far the best ones are the close parent pop ins as they have a soaker layer that pops in and out and an additional booster that pops in and out annnnd a built in layer in the actual nappy! An all in one nappy, they are the best thing since sliced bread they are a disposable made of cloth that you just don't throw away. In two weeks we've even got washing them down to an art and at first it all looked alien to me!
It has helped Emilia's rash go and we've saved lots already. 

To any parent out there I'd highly recommend giving them ago, buy second hand, not really any money lost if they're not for you.

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