These are some very important facts that could sometimes, mean the difference between fertile and infertile, so to me are very se...

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These are some very important facts that could sometimes, mean the difference between fertile and infertile, so to me are very serious. At a point in my own life, 3 years ago i could of done with the help that Balance Activ can offer, as it was a very long 1 and a half years before i managed to finally concieve my daughter Emilia. You find my story here: What a difference a year and a half makes

Balance Activ: BV, do you know the facts?

It’s not something women often talk about; anything to do with downstairs is often a top secret topic... And yet, all women have a vagina. That’s right, we said it, vagina.
It would seem that women’s intimate health is a secretive topic with over a third of women admitting they would feel more comfortable getting health advice from an online forum and a fifth saying they were too embarrassed to speak to a GP. 
So, have you ever heard of Bacterial Vaginosis? Or, more to the point, have you ever had Bacterial Vaginosis? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Over 61% of women in the UK are not aware of this common and easily treatable condition, and yet it is the most usual cause of abnormal vaginal discharge.

BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) affects an alarming one in three women and is often confused with other infections such as Thrush, meaning it often goes unnoticed or untreated. If left untreated, BV can reappear numerous times, creating an endless cycle that causes discomfort and embarrassment to millions of women.
So, do you know the symptoms of BV? BV Symptoms include:
·         an unpleasant ‘fishy’ odour
·         vaginal discomfort caused by increased moisture/discharge.
The symptoms are caused by a disruption to the normal flora of the vagina, and when this good bacteria is disrupted, the bad bacteria multiply creating an odour, discharge and discomfort. This disruption is caused by an imbalance in the pH levels inside your vagina. Your vagina’s natural pH level is 4.5 and disrupting this can trigger Bacterial Vaginosis.
So what causes BV? Causes of BV include:
·         having the IUD inserted
·         sexual intercourse without a condom (semen is alkaline in comparison to the slightly acidic environment of the vagina)
·         frequent douching
·         smoking
·         use of intimate hygiene products
·         washing with strong, fragranced soaps/gels
BV is easily treatable, by either antibiotics on prescription from your doctor or using lactic acid pessaries or gel. Balance Activ’s BV gel or pessaries offer a gentle, yet effective treatment to Bacterial Vaginosis.
Balance Activ recently won the highly coveted ‘Healthcare: Ethical & OTC Consumer award’ at the PR Week Awards 2013 for their work on National BV Day with Big Communications. National BV Day was created to help increase awareness of BV and the implications connected. Every year on the 16th April, women are encouraged to discuss intimate health issues and fertility repercussions, coming together to openly discuss something which has been
Please see the Balance Activ website for more information and for products to help treat BV.

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