Glossy Box  So I decided to take a leap and subscribe to the Glossy Box. It cost me £10 per month plus postage. So t...

Glossy Box Review

 Glossy Box

 So I decided to take a leap and subscribe to the Glossy Box. It cost me £10 per month plus postage.

So this darling looking box, landed on my doorstep this morning, after ordering Friday afternoon. I say landed I actually had to sign for it, which I think is a very good service. I ran upstairs, as fast my little chubby legs could carry me. I barely ever buy make-up, so feel this could be my little treat once a month like Xmas day.
I sat on my bed and carefully unpackaged it all. Online it has a little profile about you which you choose your style and how dramatically your make-up style usually is. Of course mine states Drama hehe.

So, we have the gorgeously printed, black box with white roses, which I thought, wow so pretty, but was rather annoyed they'd stuck my address all over it. However, when I unwrapped this I was met by a petal pink box smaller to the first, I thought ooo pass the parcel!

Lifting the lid off like there was some sort of wonderful treasure, inside I was met with two leaflets explaining my contents and thought this should be inside as I'd like to see the products before I read about them.
Under the leaflets was a rather pretty assemble of pink tissue paper and a black ribbon.

So pretty I thought. I carefully pulled the bow and inside was some sort of black, stringy, paper not unlike that of a party popper. After a little rummage I came across my products.

I have here a Cheetah type print eye pencil from Lollypops Make-up which as the leaflet states are an international brand.
Next to that I have Monu Skincare firming Fiji facial oil.
Next up is H20+ face oasis hydrating treatment.
Then, along with the eye pencil we have Burt's Bees lip shine, which are the two full size products of the month.
Next to that is Natural world coconut water hydration and shine weightless hair oil.

These just show a brief description of each product on the leaflet provided inside the box which was mentioned earlier.
To be fair, I feel to be honest and say honestly I expected more make-up than posh skincare as I stated in my profile on Glossy Box that I'm quite dramatic with my make-up seriously I get full faced and hair straightened on a Sunday to doss in the house!
So whilst the colours and the decoration made me feel rather special to be opening it, I was rather disappointed at the contents and will wait to see what next months holds in store.

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