Wooden Asda House This month we are very lucky to have received this amazing wooden house from Asda .  It's just like the...

Wooden Asda house, wooden toys the best?


           Wooden Asda House

This month we are very lucky to have received this amazing wooden house from Asda.
 It's just like the adverts show and fairly big. It was really quick and easy to slot together and has small wooden hedges at the ends that hold the whole house in place.  You can also additionally buy people and room sets to complete the house should you wish.  This house retails at £35 and the sets are £15 each. It's very well made and we've had this for a month now and there's no chipping of paint and no broken bits. 
We've decided to buy my daughter all wooden items for Xmas as she is still young and we know that the toys will survive Christmas and hopefully for years to come. 
We're currently in the process of changing our dining room into a play room for all their lovely Christmas toys and previous toys to go in (will be a post in the new year on the playroom). 

·       Over half of parents say their children have broken gifts soon after opening
·       46% of parents have moved towards buying sturdier toys rather than plastic ones
·       64% of parents continue on the ‘hand me down’ tradition
·       Nearly three quarters of children own a toy passed down from parents

TODAY, Asda reports that over half of parents in Britain have had to splash the cash and buy replacement toys for their children as they’ve been broken or damaged soon after opening.

So it’s no surprise then that over a quarter of parents in the UK are so fed up they refuse to buy replacements.

The poll* commissioned by George Home, has shown that British parents are following the ‘hand me down’ habits of the Royal Family, and are now carrying on the tradition, as nearly three quarters have said their children have a toy that has been passed down through generations of the family, while over a third of parents want to buy toys that will last their children’s lifetimes and can later be passed on to their own offspring.

As a result, almost half of British parents are more in favour of buying quality toys, rather than flimsy, plastic substitutes.

Chris Norris, Asda’s Senior Buying Manager for Toys, said: “With children regularly breaking their toys, it is no surprise that parents want something with a longer life span. With Asda’s new range of purse-friendly Wooden Toys, parents can celebrate traditional past times with toys that stand the test of time.”

With George Home launching an indestructible range of 31 Wooden Toys ahead of Christmas day, parents can stock up on presents that will fuel children’s imagination and spark creativity, whilst being sturdy and long lasting.

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  1. That is so cute....We have a very similar one....We got it a few years ago from Asda!
    It's so strong and sturdy :D


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