Ella's Goodies We were very lucky to get to try out these lovely nibbles from Ella's Kitchen . Emilia was amaz...

Ella's Kitchen goodies

       Ella's Goodies

We were very lucky to get to try out these lovely nibbles from Ella's Kitchen. Emilia was amazed at the brightly coloured packaging, even Theo wanted to try them!

Ella's Kitchen knows that Emilia has a dairy intolerance, so kindly sent out their range that contained no dairy.
All the little packages are perfect for pack lunches and little backpacks for picnics and even for just around town.

 Emilia especially took a liking to the tall ones in plastic containers, maybe because it was a different look for her, but she definitely ate them before even contemplating anything else. They came in the shape of little crosses and in two flavours raspberry and banana and tomatoes and basil. She had to have some of each to be satisfied he he.

Next favourite were the carrots and lentils multigrain sticks, maybe it was the colour, but she loved them too, shortly followed behind was the cheddar and leek multigrain wheels. I was rather happy that the majority of the products were multigrain as it means a happier healthier tum for my little girl.

 Then were the parsnips and poppy seeds and tomatoes and fennel seeds cracker bites, now Emilia and Theo were not so keen on these maybe it was the different texture of them but  they loved all the other products.
They all smelt rather yummy too, and I'm pleased in knowing they were healthy snacks with no preservatives or colourings put in.

We love all Ella's Kitchen products and Theo used to like the fruit pouches when he was a baby as they're easy to transport and feed baby on the go. They're a great company that helps mums with babies that have milk, lactose and soya intolerance, lives a lot easier. Me and my fried Amba had real problems when we set out to feed our babies on the go because we were unsure what they could have, companies like Heinz and Hipp tend to have dairy or soya in the majority of their products so there isn't a varied choice for the likes of us. We're just pleased of a company that doesn't just cater to one type of dietary need.

**** Disclaimer****
One box of these inside was sent to us by Ella's Kitchen for review purposes. No monies were paid for this review and as always, all of my thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

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