Oatly  Some of you may know that Emilia, when she was born had a lactose, dairy and soya intolerance. She was poorly for quite a w...

Oatly; A milk alternative



Some of you may know that Emilia, when she was born had a lactose, dairy and soya intolerance. She was poorly for quite a while and was very frustrating when it came to weaning, to find a suitable drink other than water or squash to give her.  She was on special formula for 9 months before even seeing a dietitian and it made us very wary of her weight.
 We felt like there was nothing we could  give her and she became very wary of food we tried giving her and wouldn't eat. After about 12 months old, she finally started eating little bits at a time but still on formula. We had issues with appointments not being booked by the hospital and when I phoned they said the Dr no longer worked there and we'd been missed out of the appointment book. I was devastated it had taken us so long to get here originally. So I tried weaning Emilia slowly on to cows milk to help with what she eats, after the first week I was ecstatic she was actually tolerating milk again!!
But such luck doesn't happen that often and after 4 weeks she was throwing up curdled milk and I knew this was it all over again. So I made a decision as a parent and cut both formula and milk from her diet. She finally started eating proper meals and had water as a drink, however, still from a bottle as that is what she had become used to after a year and a half. As she was approaching 2 we went to get her weighed and as she had always been small, they weren't too fussed that she'd only dropped 1 centile line. But I was, as in 10 days it would have dropped 2. She ate a lot though, she had in fact a very healthy appetite, so we have yet again been referred by the health visitor after a lot of nagging from me, to the dietitian again. We found this amazing milk a few months into her first dietitian but because she couldn't find nutritional information online, she said not to give her it. Well, thanks to the lovely people at Oatly we were able to review this milk and now she is over 2 I decided now was the time to find an alternative she could drink all her life and she's now drinking from a cup, no bottle!

Emilia loved the milk!! She didn't even treat it as anything different. I even gave her the plain organic version and she took to it straight away! So I have to say thank you to the amazing Oatly milk! We love you.

Oatly had a watered, milky appearance and comes in original, organic, chocolate flavoured and even comes as a cream alternative. We have used all our review milk now and I have just ordered a week's worth in our shop, Its down the powdered and long life milk isle with all the alternative milks i.e. Almond, hazelnut and soya. But this stands out far better than all the rest. I have already advised that Amba tries this for her new baba, who is also the same as her sister and lactose intolerant, well obviously when she gets big enough.

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  1. My son also can't have dairy (or soya or eggs) and he has oatly on his cereal every day and really likes it. He also has rice milk to drink and I use almond milk in cooking, so I think he gets a good variety. I always buy the ones with added calcium and he seems pretty healthy!


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