Well, yesterday, me and Amba took the children on what we thought would be an amazing day. We set off at 8oclock to do ambas weekly ...

Wicksteed Frozen Flopout!!


Well, yesterday, me and Amba took the children on what we thought would be an amazing day. We set off at 8oclock to do ambas weekly shop before setting off for a fun packed day with Ana and Elsa, not forgetting Olaf!
We had finished at Tesco around 9 and got back to Ambas and unpacked, sandwiches made and all the excited children back into the car by 9.50.
We were also meeting Ambas sister, Jade, there and her soon to be sister-in-law Nat and the 4 children that would be joining them.
We set off and by 10.30 we had hit traffic, about 20 mins from Wicksteed park. Jade then phoned to say she was on the A6 and wasn't sure how far Nat was away from her. Me and Amba had reached the bend just before the park and had already witnessed a police car drive past. 
We finally reached the gates and then we saw it, a queue 5x the length of a Next sale just to get into the pavillion that only held 700 people!
We parked up and was getting ready when we received a call from Jade, the park had closed it gates and were turning everyone away! Seriously!!! We thought jeez we had come all this way, spent all this petrol and now half our party wasn't allowed in!! 
Well, we thought we'd make the most of it and as we obviously wasn't getting into the pavillion there had to be something else going on didn't there???
We had been promised:
Snowman building
Making shields and tiaras
Make a mini Olaf
Meet Elsa and Ana 
Frozen sing-along
Igloo building
Balloon tent
Cardboard city
Space hoppers
Dress up corner

Well, we did none of that it had all been 'cleverly' placed inside the pavillion, well done Wicksteed!

We were left with a ghost town, shops were closed, face painting closed cafe closed, everything except the ordinary park that is available daily was closed. So we had 2 disappointed children a queue for the dirty, muddy toilets 30 mins long oh and we thought wow, frozen chill out lounge, maybe this is were some of the activities are, nope just a bartender sharpening the odd pencil with thousands of pieces of drawing paper and everyone eating lunch, that was also closed 10 mins after arriving.

 It was so bad,  that on our way out, which, I may add was 20 mins after arriving, all the cars that had once caused the traffic, were also leaving the car park which also resembled a ghost town. We also saw poor little girls in Elsa and Ana outfits, still walking into the park actually thinking they would get to see the ever popular frozen event.

Biggest let down ever!! Yes some might say it was free, however, there probably the ones annoyed by the traffic,but 1 hours driving with 2 exciting children in the car and 2 each in our friends cars, plus petrol costs a packed lunch cost, plus 6 children's disappointment, well that's priceless, you can't put a price on your children's happiness and they sure weren't happy!!
Major fail Wicksteed and by the looks of it Twitter and Facebook had the same response, including those that actually got into the pavillion.
They saw the boom over the snowglobe Elsa dolls so there should be no excuse that they hadn't anticipated such a turnout!!!

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