Life...  We're back after 7 long, drawn out months of bills, summer holidays, back to school and ... break ups. We are offi...

A break well deserved, Life as a singleton and the bloody bus!

 We're back after 7 long, drawn out months of bills, summer holidays, back to school and
... break ups.

We are officially now a family of 3! What's more, is I get to go back to work in January, Emi will be in pre school and I can either go to work in a kitchen environment or become a work at home mum and do my crafts!! I'm excited for my new venture in life! After the ex left in March, I decided to continue my GCSE English, as their dad was able to have them one night a week for me to continue.Well, I completed them and I got my results in the holidays!
 I got a B!!!!
 I was ecstatic.
So the sky is the limit and now I'm able to do as I please, well of course within reason!

So single life, no car, the bus it must be!!
Every day we have our simple and organised routine; up, dressed, breakfast, bus, school. Of course everything isn't this straight forward and Theo generally takes ages to get dressed and Emi insists on pulling her shoes off just before its time to leave in a mad bus stop rush.
What makes the start of the day worse is our bus drivers are so rude!! No waiting for you to sit down and park the pushchair, before they zoom off at high speed, listen it wasn't my fault you was late here so don't make it my problem now.

Anyway, every day now I take Theo to school, then I go across the road to my lovely bestie Amba's house; she has been a rock to me since the breakup and to repay her, I watch her beautiful girls whilst she attends her job at Theo's school. It's all rather amazing that she now can watch over Theo whilst he eats because let's be fair, he has been an absolute nightmare in the last year trying to eat, but no thanks to her we have managed to get him eating every day!

I decided to take these past few months out, as after the ex left my confidence went down it wasn't a very good break up to say the least and I wanted the children settled and of course, my new life was just starting.

Mum With an Opinion has some fairly amazing reviews to come as you'll all be pleased to know the play room is now complete!! We've had amazing products from Rustoleum and Bright Stars to help with our completion.

What's the saying, out with the old and in with the new? I've also had a very ummmm interesting? experience with a very well known dating site :/ trying to get back on the horse as it may be has been a rather interesting challenge indeed hehe.
So watch for the Plenty of What you Don't Need post that's to come shortly!

Just remember:
It isn't about waiting for the storm to pass it's about learning to dance in the rain!!

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